i've been in milan for a few days. 
sitting in the sun having very tasty italian sweets and coffee.
the market on sunday is a favorite.



i have two new prints in my shop! you can buy a package containing one of each.


circus colors

beautiful ceramics and tableware by nina. already on my wishlist..


vietnam treasures

i got these lovely little presents from my parents who just got back from their holiday in vietnam.
the penguin is completely made of paper! 


magic suitcase

another thing i collect, beside pretty kitchenware, are vintage glasses and frames. i bought this 
suitcase (containing over 50 pairs of glasses!) in a london antique shop a few years ago. one side of 
the suitcase contains glasses for men and if you turn it over you find all these pretty frames for women. 
the guy who owns the shop believed it was from the 1950s and had been used on various film sets...


mugs from mmmg

i love these two new mugs from mmmg ! the bottom photo is from my kitchen; i enjoy collecting old 
vintage mugs with all kinds of pretty patterns on. the four cups in the back are from mmmg too!


new shop!

i have a new shop , i've only put a few items up so far but there will be more soon!


lovely lula

the new issue of lula magazine has seven different covers and they're all so pretty! above you can
see six of them..


sunny thursday

time for drawing..
i like collecting pins and brooches..these are some favorites.