i ♥ a.p.c.

i've chosen my favorites from the a.p.c. autumn and pre-collection


neighborhood fun

my neighborhood turned into a fun and busy flea market yesterday! it was organized by bondens loppis 
and turned out to be a huge success. sunny weather, happy people and lots of cute things for sale - wish 
there could be a market here every weekend.



sometimes being an illustrator is real fun, like today when i get to draw a man in a bear suit!


beck + malkmus

i'm so happy that two of my heroes - beck and stephen malkmus - decided to work together. mr beck 
has produced 'mirror traffic', the new album by stephen malkmus and the jicks. here's a great tune 
from it. 


east & west

found more london pics from my trip back in spring..
1-13 notting hill
14-25 shoreditch