babies and scientists

unfortunately i've had very little time to post on my blog lately, i'm traveling back and forth between two cities 
at the moment..
above are glimpses of new illustrations i've done for a swedish magazine - will show more in early december.
hopefully i can post more often soon!


broadway market

my friends & i took a walk in the sunny weather today.. through columbia road to broadway market 
and london fields. bought some black & white prints to have on my wall. nice day.


susie bubble

the sweet Susie Lau who runs the fashion blog Style Bubble was interviewed at Fika yesterday! it was very nice 
to meet her - i was so impressed by her colorful outfit! 


scandinavia in london

i went to the scandinavian trade show here in london. lots of good design and pretty patterns to look at, some 
tasty treats to try, many interesting people to meet - and a very cute and soft group of husky dogs to cuddle with!
i still haven't been able to get hold of a camera so my phone will have to do for now.


neon art

hello! i haven't posted anything in a while. i'm in london at the moment and unfortunately i couldn't bring 
my camera this time. hopefully i can borrow one from a friend and take some fun pics soon. these ones, which 
took with my phone, are from an exhibition i attended last night on redchurch street in east london. 
most of the work consisted of bright signs and neon art, created by various artists.