scandinavia in london

i went to the scandinavian trade show here in london. lots of good design and pretty patterns to look at, some 
tasty treats to try, many interesting people to meet - and a very cute and soft group of husky dogs to cuddle with!
i still haven't been able to get hold of a camera so my phone will have to do for now.


  1. Oh wow it looked amazing! I have never heard of it but all those Kankens made me weak at the knees! Does it happen every year?

  2. Hi Kate! I'm not sure if it's on every year, I'll have to ask my friend who invited me to come along to the show. She has a Swedish Restaurant on Brick Lane called Fika. You should pop by and have the delicious kladdkaka (chocolate cake)! :-)

  3. Oh yes I remember you did some illustrations for there I think I remember? I really do need to pop in next time I am in the area. The chocolate cake sounds yum! I still can't believe I missed the Scandinavian show...Im also a huge fan of The Killing so the fact I missed a glimpse of Sarah Lund. Next year :)