forest fun

i haven't posted anything in a few days cause i've been real busy with some illustration work that 
needs to be finished very soon. can't really tell you what it is yet but here's a little sneak peek..


b is for blue

1// small figure in a pretty cup by zigouis
2// rainy day cushion by donna wilson
3// blue vintage phone from the curiosity shoppe
4// mobile with white felt clouds by leptitpapillon


lately la la

i made an illustration/logo for lately la la. 
you can listen to their music here.


pretty in pink

i bought this cardigan at h&m the other day. i love the lace and crochet details..
it would go so well with this lovely bag made by sarah culleton. visit her shop here!


tea and cake

it was my friend's birthday today so she invited us over for some tea and cake.
we brought her a pretty jar filled with colorful candy.
a very nice sunday indeed.



vintagous is a shop i discovered on etsy that sells beautiful items from the past. the shop is run by 
an artist based in south jersey who has been collecting vintage pieces for a very long time. 
i picked out some photos of my favorites...


it's all about the collar

i love dresses. 
this one i bought in a cute little shop in brooklyn, new york.
the collar is pretty.. i like how dresses made in the 50's and 60's often have big collars.
a few years ago i discovered this lovely photo of a woman in a green coat. 
it was part of an exhibition held at the Victoria & Albert museum in london,
shot by a well-known photographer for a fashion magazine.
beautiful coat with a beautiful collar.


always blue

i found another cute little deer for my collection.. 
and i bought some new shoes for spring.
blue is my favorite color. 


oh deer

went on a thrift store excursion today.. found this little guy!
he fits very well with the rest of my deer family.


colorful easter

we colored some eggs today..
happy easter everyone!

easter in rosendal

i went to rosendal's garden this weekend, one of my favorite places in stockholm.