apple papple

say hello to apple papple! made by elisabeth dunker who runs one of my favorite blogs - fine little day.
you can buy this lovely poster and other great art work in her shop. the two smaller posters are also
made by her together with illustrator camilla engman. view more of their work here!
the two photos are of my family - the small one is of my grandad when he was a soldier and the other
one is of me when i was little - together with my mom, dad and my uncle's wife. my mom is the one in 
a white dress.. i think she looks really pretty!



it's been a wonderful, warm and sunny midsummer's weekend here in stockholm - i hope everyone 
else is enjoying their summer!


t is for toys

i collect little toys, i especially love finding characters that i remember from my childhood. some of 
my favorites are E.T.,gumby, star wars, and He-Man. i'd be happy if i found some fraggle rock 
figures! photo n0 3 is from vurma, one of my favorite caf├ęs and  the bottom photo is from oly's blog.
she seems to like toys too!


dear deer

went to the sunday market again this weekend.. and found a new member for my deer family!


work in progress..

another little sneak peak of the memo game i'm working on for designista. this is the first prototype!


let them eat cake


As a tribute to the royal wedding this summer, IKEA has made a 'pretend castle' for the Princess 
and her future husband. It's a fun idea, I especially like the kitchen and dining room where they
have decorated with colorful flowers, macaroons, cupcakes and wedding cakes!  I took some pics
with my phone..



i've made an illustration for an article to be published in Work Style Magazine, it's about health and 
wellness in the work and office environment. my drawing illustrates people doing yoga at the office 
while working. this was a fun assignment! 


kitchen part III

some more pics from the kitchen..
it's a sunny and warm day here in stockholm today - perfect for a picnic! 


kitchen part II

one of the things i enjoy most is to visit second hand shops, vintage fairs and weekend markets. it's
such a great feeling to find that little treasure that you know will be perfect on your kitchen shelf..



welcome to my kitchen! i've tried to make it look similar to my grandma's kitchen. it was always so 
cosy, warm and wonderful visiting her. she would have tea ready and make sure we all felt like home. 


another thing i collect..

let me present to you my little owls that i've collected from my trips. the top ones are from an antique 
store in portland, oregon. below are two wooden owls i found at a market in brooklyn, new york a few 
years ago. the necklace is from anthropologie, new york, and the pic underneath shows a small owl 
that my parents gave me after their trip to vietnam. the 7" single in the back is by swedish band 
hari & aino, i bought that one when visiting london in may this year. and last but not least are two owl
illustrations that i've made. which owl is your favorite?