happy treasure

boy was i excited when finding this lovely little bag in a charity shop!! to make it even better, when i 
opened the bag i discovered the cutest little doll collection inside - all hand-made in india! 



beautiful illustrations from the book Hector Penguin by Louise Fatio and Roger Duvoisin.


buy mitt memo online!

you can now buy mitt memo in Designista's webshop! mitt memo 'i skogen' and 
mitt memo 'i köket' combines images with words. at the moment there's only 
mitt memo in swedish but hopefully if they sell well we might also make the 
games with english words.


sunday means market

went to the market yesterday and found a turquoise mug and this nice book, skogen by eva lindström. 
lovely illustrations!


christmas fair

exactly one month left until we have our christmas fair in the studio! we'll
be selling prints, cards, cutting boards, calendars and other things we've
made. and there will also be some delicious gingerbread cookies and mulled 
wine to sip on.. mmmm can't wait!


apple apps

using the SepiaCamera app on my iphone... apps are fun!


mitt memo in the shops

it's exciting to see the memory games 'mitt memo' in the shops! these pics are from DesignTorget 
and Nordiska Kompaniet in Stockholm.


mitt memo

the memo games finally arrived from china! 'mitt memo' is a project i've been working on together 
with marta who runs the lovely shop designista. marta came up with a fun idea for a memory game 
that she asked me to design and illustrate. After al this time we are very proud to present 'mitt memo
i skogen' (my memo - in the forest)  and 'mitt memo i köket' (my memo - in the kitchen)! you can buy
them at designista on upplandsgatan 45 in stockholm.


i ♥ museum shops

i went to moderna museet the other day to see the moderna exhibition 201 0 . i very much enjoyed the
paintings by swedish artist Jens Fänge  and was so happy to see that they were selling a tote bag in
the shop that had his work on it! below is a sweet gift i got from a friend who recently came back from
a trip to tokyo. perfect for my owl collection !



from my sketchbook.