christmas gifts

got some lovely gifts from my family. the mug is a gift i received from marimekko - thank you!
hope everyone is having a lovely christmas!



my tiny london room.



lovely lula! this issue has been out for quite some time now but i still get inspired every time i look at all the 
beautiful photos. some older issues here and here.


cute characters by lili scratchy

these adorable 'night boxes' are made by lili scratchy - have a look at all her quirky characters here!




took a walk to islington yesterday. there are some nice little shops along the small, narrow streets just behind 
angel station. you can find all kinds of hidden treasures at the antique markets on the weekends! 
the last photo is of smug concept boutique, the perfect place to buy your christmas presents! look at all their 
lovely items here.


donna wilson

donna wilson had a sample sale during the weekend in her bethnal green studio. it was very nice to chat to
her and see all the lovely things she makes. i bought two cute plates and a colorful cushion. 
the broccoli character next to the cushion is from ikea.