it's been raining a lot lately, perfect for staying in and watching good films. two years ago i got this
godard collection for christmas; it contains some of his best work - pierrot le fou, une femme est une 
femme, le mépris and alphaville. the little turquoise camera is a gift from my dad.


work in progress..

some samples of moustache cards i'm making.. a new moustache for every day of the week! 
more to come soon..


stockholm by night

enjoying the warm summer evenings in stockholm..



what a dream to work with wes anderson.


a dog and his pipe

bob hund and bergman rock - favorite bands (both consisting of the same members).
martin kann - favorite graphic designer who creates all their art work.
listen to their music here and here. view more of martin's work here.


sally scott

beautiful clothes by sally scott.


ready to sail

i nice little package just arrived from japan with this beautiful sailor blouse inside! it's already a 


so here's something else i collect

as i love collecting stuff i of course also have a fun little collection of old & new vinyl records. some
i've bought for the music and others for their great art work.. it would be pretty nifty to have them all
framed and put on the wall! maybe one day when i can afford a bigger apartment. until then i'm happy
to keep them in piles all over the place..


a swedish tradition

a trip to skansen! i really enjoy walking around there and observing all the great animals, the pretty 
red houses, the incredible nature and gardens, the old-fashioned shops and cafés.. it's always a whole
day of fun! 


old town

took a walk through old town..i love all the beautiful buildings and signs. still haven't been to the 
'advertising, yes please!' exhibition at the post museum. maybe this weekend..



it's been a very warm and sunny weekend in stockholm. today i took a stroll down to the flea market 
and bought some cute plates (pic no 6, the ones with the apple pattern!). after that i went to the café
by the water and found a good spot to read my book and sip on lemonade..a perfect summer afternoon!



breakfast on july 1st. the photo of the little wiener dog by the pool is from a greeting card i bought in
portland last summer.