jockum in london

went to see the latest exhibition by one of my favorite artists, jockum nordström, at camden arts centre.
it was interesting to hear jockum talk about his work and also to see how his techniques of putting his 
collages together have changed over the years. the exhibition includes his pencil drawings, collages,
paper buildings - as well as a collection of his cut-out pieces.
'all i have learned and forgotten again', camden arts centre, 26 july - 29 september 2013.


map menu for wes kingdom

here's a map i created for the fika bar & kitchen menu, inspired by wes anderson's film 'moonrise kingdom'.
visit fika to try one of their delicious treats - and to have a look at the exhibition i curated for their wes kingdom
event that runs until end of september. 


making changes

wes kingdom - spread the word

1. some nice words from emerald street about the 'wes kingdom' exhibition i curated at fika
2. a mention in this morning's metro


wes kingdom

hey folks! i have curated the new exhibition WES KINGDOM 
held at Fika Bar Kitchen in Shoreditch, London. based on the 
films of American director Wes Anderson it includes props and
illustrations inspired by films such as The Royal Tenenbaums, 
Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and Moonrise Kingdom. 
the exhibition is on until end of September - make sure to visit 
Fika and try the tasty treats from their new Wes-inspired menu! 
i will post some photos soon.
illustration by ©danijeladobric