vintage in portland

vintage3-1.jpg picture by alfons_bucketvintageshop2-1.jpg picture by alfons_bucketrad-1.jpg picture by alfons_bucketpinkvintage-1.jpg picture by alfons_bucketvintageshop-1.jpg picture by alfons_bucketvintageagain-1.jpg picture by alfons_bucketwe went to some fun and pretty shops when visiting portland, oregon. 
there are so many amazing vintage clothes and things there to buy! 
and it's pretty cheap too.


  1. I could comment on every one of your posts!

    I am loving your blog Dani.

    I've always wanted to go to Portland!

  2. Thanks Kate!
    Portland is a great place to visit; lots of nice little shops, cafés, restaurants and parks to see and enjoy. I especially loved all the vintage stores with all those goodies from the 50's - a real vintage heaven!