back in london





i've been to london for a few days, it was great being back in my old neighborhood hanging out with 
my dear friends. i didn't bring a camera but managed to take a few photos with my phone.
1// tate modern
2// bought some note books inspired by dada art
3// my friend sadaf has a lovely café & restaurant on brick lane called fika. there are lots of very tasty 
swedish delights there so make sure to visit next time you're in london! the mugs are made by designers
anonymous. view their work here
4// saw the grace kelly exhibition at the victoria & albert museum. she really was a lady with true beauty, 
elegance and style! my favorite from the exhibition is a green dress made by givenchy.
5// went to my favorite record shop - rough trade - and bought this 7" vinyl from hari & aino

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  1. London is so exciting to me too ;)