last post from my trip to croatia - our day trip to supetar on the island of brač. we stayed there all 
day exploring the little town, having ice cream shakes and swimming in the clear, blue sea. it was 
a beautiful day.


  1. Dear Dani,
    your pictures are great. I love your Blog.
    Every summer we go for holiday to danmark. My husband comes from bosnia and when he saw the pictures from croatia he was so impressed,that he plans our next holiday to go to croatia to.
    So if you have some nice adresses for us or some insider informations, please sent them.
    Happy about finding your blog,

  2. Hi Betti
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm happy you're enjoying it and it's nice to hear that you and your husband are planning a trip to Croatia. If you send me your e-mail address to mail@danisdrawings.com I'll send you some information that might be useful. Have a lovely weekend! :-)