sabrina's red van

sadaf sitting on the steps to chris and sabrina's house..

..which they later painted in blue!

sabrina and chris grow their own vegetables.. like this zucchini plant!

sabrina makes jam using the cherries from the tree in their backyard


their cat maya 

sabrina's making dinner - veggies with tofu and rice!

love these pots!

sadaf in the dining/living room

their porch in the evening

there are some very pretty and colorful houses..

..in their lovely neighborhood

local art installation

walking around the area

sabrina, chris & sadaf having some delicious sushi

these pics are from 2009 when my friend sadaf and i went to visit sabrina and chris in portland, oregon. 
we had such great time, hopefully we'll visit hem again sometime!


  1. hey look at those portland pics! C's hair is so short! my how time flies!