stop motion

i used to watch this stop motion animation series when i was a kid, 
each episode was five minutes long. love how it's all made out of paper, 
must have been so much fun to create each character! this version is 
in swedish but the series is originally from the netherlands and was 
created by leen valkenier.


  1. I really love this, I used to watch it as a kid too.

    I hope you don't mind me asking, but are you swedish? I saw on your website that you've done a lot of work for swedish magazines etc.

  2. Hi Karin! I grew up in Stockholm and then moved to London to do my BA at London College of Communication.
    I recently returned to London after being back home in Sweden for four years. Now I go back and forth between the two cities.. how long have you been in London? Your illustrations are great! :-)

  3. Thanks Dani, I really like you work too! I've been in London for 3,5 years pretty exactly.